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HSE Hero

Health, Safety & Environment

HSE Hero

Safety is our core value

We are relentless in our commitment to health and safety. Every day, each of our employees hold themselves personally accountable, which in turn helps ensure our team goes home safely.

Through our systems, processes, and procedures, we continuously improve how we protect our employees, customers and the environment.

8 Life Saving Rules

To ensure everyone goes home safely, every day

Ready to Work

Zero tolerance for impairment. Always conduct your work activities free from the effects of drugs, alcohol or fatigue.

Hazard Awareness

Stop. Think. Act. For each task, always assess hazards and identify effective controls.


Avoid distractions at all times. Your driver safety training must be complete before operating any heavy vehicle. Wear your seat belt, obey speed limits, use wheel chocks and reverse park.

Energy Control

Before loading or unloading fuel of any kind, always verify proper grounding and bonding. Never work on equipment that has not been properly isolated, locked out and tagged.

Work at Heights

Always use proper fall protection when working above heights of 1.8m (6’). Always maintain 3 points of contact exiting a truck, using a ladder or on stairs.

Dangerous Places

Never enter a confined space without a permit. Employ proper purging and gas monitoring techniques and enlist a dedicated spotter. If unsure, please talk with your supervisor.

Falling Objects

Prevent the risk of falling objects. Never walk or work under a suspended load. Always inspect all lifting equipment.

Safety Gear

Always wear correct personal protective equipment for the job. (e.g. full fire resistant PPE)