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Starting your own gas station can be a large and intimidating investment, especially if you don’t have experience in the retail fuel marketing business. By partnering with us as a Retailer, you have the opportunity to operate one of our corporate owned stations, and we help ensure that you have everything you need to have a successful start in the retail fuel industry.

With an initial investment of between $90,000 and $190,000, you can become a Parkland Fuel Corp. Retailer, and take advantage of our expertise to make the business you operate a great success. Retailers get instant access to professional support, training, and a proven business model at an existing location.

Invest In Your Future

  • Are you looking to successfully operate your own business with the support and strength of proven programs and exceptional training?
  • Through the Fas Gas Plus brand, we continue to build a fuel brand and network that customers and employees take pride in being associated with.

Apply to be a retailer

Parkland Fuel Corporation's Commitment

We Provide:

  • A bright & well maintained retail convenience Store & fuel location;
  • Provide all equipment and supplies to operate both the convenience and fuel business effectively;
  • Professional training and continued support for you and your staff to assist you in becoming a successful retailer and respected member of your community;
  • Marketing support through marketing campaigns, signage programs, planned merchandise layouts, monthly promotions, a uniform program, and much more!;
  • The ability to adapt quickly & deliver new programs first to market; and
  • The willingness to understand the importance of bottom line performance.

Investor's Commitment

You Provide:

  • Between 85K and 140K in working capital for retail inventory and operating funds, depending on store size and location and a $10K Letter of credit;
  • A willingness to be part of a team of successful retailers and an active member of your community;
  • The enthusiasm and energy needed to grow and develop the business and the willingness to participate in new programs; and
  • The capability and interest to maintain customer service, location cleanliness, and in-store inventory levels to required standards.
Brand Description Region
logo-retail-fasgas.png Fas Gas Plus is a Western Canadian premium independent brand that brings Canadian motorists an urban offering in non-urban markets. Fas Gas Plus offers well lit and maintained convenience stores, a strong loyalty program and friendly operators. map-retail-brand-coverage-fasgas.png 
logo-retail-chevron.png Chevron stations signify more than just a place to refuel your car. Their bright logo stands for quality fuel that you and your car trust. It also represents convenient brand-name food items for you and your family. map-retail-brand-coverage-chevron.png
logo-retail-esso.png Esso is a nationally recognized brand providing quality fuel across Canada. Besides fuel and car washes, Esso stations also offer a wide variety of beverages, snacks and other services. map-retail-brand-coverage-esso.png
logo-retail-racetrac.png Race Trac gas stations are locally owned by independent dealers who offer products and services that often cater to the unique needs of the non-urban communities they operate in. Race Trac delivers exceptional value to the customer. map-retail-brand-coverage-racetrac.png
logo-retail-pioneer.png Pioneer Energy is a dynamic, Canadian-owned network of gasoline/convenience retail locations offering one-stop shopping to motorists across Ontario. Pioneer delivers the products and services today’s busy consumers want most. map-retail-brand-coverage-pioneer.png
logo-retail-superpumper.png Superpumper, Inc. is a growing regional convenience store with 24 locations throughout the United States in North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Minnesota. map-retail-brand-coverage-superpumper.png
logo-retail-ultrmar.png Ultramar operates over 500 retail service stations and delivers fuel to businesses and home owners in Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada. map-retail-brand-coverage-ultramar.png
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