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Station Owners

As an independent owner and operator of a gas station, you know how important the right partner is to ensuring your operation runs smoothly and grows over time.  We know you have a choice, and Parkland's mission is to be your partner of choice by providing you with outstanding customer service, a secure source of supply, and access to the strongest branding options available.  Our goal is to help you grow your business confidently.

Our continent-wide supply infrastructure, transportation logistics and supplier relationships ensure all station owners have access to a secure source of supply of high quality fuels, giving you peace of mind when it comes to the stability of your business.  In addition, our portfolio of brands offers a range of strong loyalty programs as well as access to third party fleet cards that can help you drive volume growth.

With a strong portfolio of brand offerings, we work closely with our dealers to identify the brand that will drive the most volume growth for their location.


"We have been an independent Esso under the banner of Parkland for about two years now and would rate this experience as excellent. When we order fuel it is delivered on time and we have never been shorted of fuel... We are very pleased with our experience with Parkland, especially with the great service that our territory manager provides to us."

Don and Louise Alberts Get ‘n Go Esso Three Hills, AB

Our Brands

BrandDescriptionLoyalty OfferingRegions

Fas Gas Plus is a Western Canadian premium independent brand that brings Canadian motorists an urban offering in non-urban markets.  Fas Gas Plus offers well lit and maintained convenience stores, a strong loyalty program and friendly operators.

The Litre Log loyalty program allows customers to earn three cents cash back for every litre of fuel purchased at participating Fas Gas Plus locations.


Join the number one team in British Columbia for gasoline and convenience retailing.  Chevron’s bright logo stands for quality fuel that your customer can trust.



Esso is one of the most recognized brands nationally and is able to provide top quality fuel with multiple loyalty offerings to build your business.

Esso offers two strong rewards programs: With Esso Extra®, every eligible purchase your customers make brings them closer to free rewards.  Aeroplan® members can collect points through Esso and redeem them on travel or 800 other rewards activities.


Race Trac gas stations are locally owned by independent dealers who offer products and services that often cater to the unique needs of the communities they operate in.  Race Trac is designed around delivering exceptional value to the customer.

Race Trac's loyalty is derived from the great service that local owners bring to their communities. 


Pioneer Energy is a dynamic, Canadian-owned network of gasoline/convenience retail locations offering one-stop shopping to motorists across Ontario. Pioneer delivers the products and services today’s busy consumers want most.

Pioneer’s Bonus Bucks card allows your customer to pick their own perks and bonuses. Becoming a Bonus Bucks member means your customer can earn Bonus Bucks on eligible purchases of fuel, in-store merchandise and more.