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Secure Your Supply

By maintaining relationships with Canada's largest fuel suppliers, we can help you keep your options open…mitigating risk of a supply disruption while ensuring you get a fair price for your fuel.

Supply Security and Optionality

A disruption in your wholesale fuel supply can threaten the viability of your business. We understand that fuel is the life blood of your enterprise. As the only independent fuel wholesaler with operations across Canada, and a multitude of relationships with Canada's leading refiners, we provide wholesale customers with the greatest probability of securing supply during allocation periods compared to our competitors.

Contractual Arrangements

We are willing to enter into contractual agreements with our wholesale customers, giving them priority over spot customers.

National Lift Points

Our capability to supply gasoline, diesel, heating oil, and other petroleum products extends to all primary lift locations across Canada. We are also prepared to service the wholesale needs of fuel marketers in the northern U.S.

Supporting Fuel Marketers

We’re pleased to supply other fuel marketers with wholesale diesel fuel. Fuel marketers who wish to purchase diesel in bulk have the option of managing their own distribution or can have us arrange the pick-up, transportation and delivery of fuel products.

Diesel Products Available:
  • Clear diesel
  • Dyed diesel
  • Shell Diesel Extra™
  • Dyed Shell Diesel Extra™
  • Delivered Diesel
  • CP 43 (AB3 Winter Diesel)
  • CP 36 (AB2 Winter Diesel)
  • CP 30 (Summer Diesel)

Our dedicated wholesale and supply team is committed to providing you with competitive terms and outstanding customer service.

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