Our mission: to be the partner of choice for our customers and suppliers.

Our Promise

Parkland has an obligation to its employees, customers, investors, suppliers and communities to act responsibly and do the right things when it comes to:

  • Protecting the health and safety of individuals, communities, and eco-systems;
  • Providing our customers with a reliable and dependable fuel supply;
  • Delivering outstanding customer service; and
  • Supporting the communities we operate in.

Vision, Mission and Values


Become the largest Independent Petroleum Marketer in the markets we serve.


To be the partner of choice for our customers and suppliers.


  1. Safety and respecting the environment
  2. Demonstrating integrity in all that we do
  3. Supporting our people to succeed and achieve
  4. Winning by providing exceptional customer service
  5. Delivering results through teamwork
  6. Taking initiative to continuously improve
  7. Being owners and giving back to our communities
  8. Fostering a fun and respectful work environment


Customers depend on their fuel supplier to get them fuel products on-time.  When this doesn't happen it can bring commercial operations to a stand still, it can force independent gas stations to close their doors, and it can threaten the health and properties of residential heating customers.  The consequences are very real.

This is why Parkland has developed an unrivaled supply platform which helps to ensure that our customers can get fuel when and where it is needed, ultimately saving them costs and headaches.

Multiple Fuel Suppliers

We maintain fuel supply contracts with multiple oil refiners and wholesale fuel traders across North America, which means that when a local refinery goes into a turnaround, or if there is an unplanned disruption, we have a portfolio of options to get fuel for our customers.

Strategic Fuel Storage

Over the past five years Parkland has developed a network of fuel storage terminals which allows us to store product in advance of a major refinery turnaround and import / export product from one region to another when a region goes into a supply shortage. This strategy enhances Parkland’s supply security and, by extension, the supply security of our customers

In 2012 Parkland completed the conversion of its Bowden, Alberta refinery into a flexible, finished products terminal with 220,000 barrels of storage capacity.  In addition to enhancing Parkland’s internal supply options, the terminal provides industry participants with a flexible Central Alberta fuel terminal which can reduce transportation costs and wait times for Southern Alberta operations compared to supply points in Edmonton.

In 2013, Parkland added additional product terminal capacity in the Eastern Canadian supply orbit by contracting 120,000 barrels of storage capacity in Montreal and 165,000 barrels of terminal storage in Quebec City.  The acquisition of SPF Energy Inc. added another 40,000 barrels of terminal storage capacity in Minot, North Dakota.

Trading and Rail Logistics

The acquisition of Elbow River Marketing in 2013 dramatically expanded Parkland's ability to move fuel products into and out of markets through their trading and rail logistics expertise.  Elbow River manages more than 1,000 rail cars that move liquefied petroleum gases (butane, propane, and condensate), crude oil, heavy fuel oil, and refined fuel products around the continent.  During recent regional shortages of propane in Eastern Canada, and fuel in Western Canada, Elbow River played a critical part in ensuring that Parkland's operations were able to serve customers when many competitors could not.


Customer service is what drives business growth and positive word of mouth, and we know how important it is.  While many companies talk about customer service, very few measure it, and even fewer base their compensation on it.  

Parkland uses the net promoter index to measure customer perceptions about the service they receive and, from there, we strive to continually improve.  The net promoter index works by asking customers how likely they would be to recommend us on a scale of one to ten.  If we get a nine or a ten, that person is considered a promoter.  If we get a seven or an eight, that person is considered neutral.  And if we get a six or below, that person is considered a detractor.  It is an incredibly difficult measure to score well on, yet we consistently score highly and above our competitors in third party research.

Our field personnel have always been incredibly customer oriented.  Rewarding them for the great work they do in the field, and their excellent customer service just makes sense, so their annual incentive plan is actually based on the net promoter index.  

Health, Safety and Environment

The transportation, delivery, and handling of petroleum products involves health, safety and environmental risks. Parkland has developed comprehensive programs as well as emergency response procedures to help mitigate these risks.  We also closely measure our performance managing these risks on an ongoing basis.

Our risk mitigation programs include:

  • Ongoing health and safety training and orientation for all employees;
  • Root cause analysis and mitigation for all reported incidents
  • Extensive training for employees involved in handling dangerous goods;
  • Environmental risk mitigation including:
    • Replacement of underground steel tanks with double-walled fiberglass tanks or above-ground tanks;
    • Daily tank inventory balancing procedures;
    • Regular test wells around underground tanks;
    • Third party environmental liability evaluation on contemplated acquisitions which includes soil testing and testing of any underground tanks and piping. 

Parkland Pledge Program

At Parkland, we believe in giving back to the communities in which we operate.  Parkland Pledge is a unique, employee driven, giving program where each team member is given Pledge dollars to donate to a charitable organization of their choice.

Each permanent, full time employee as of January 1 of each calendar year receives $250 to donate.  With each additional year of service, $50 is added to their giving account; to a maximum of $500.

We also believe in rewarding our team for volunteering in the community. Once employees reach 50 hours of volunteer time in one year, Parkland will double their Pledge dollars.  So our long term employees have the opportunity to donate upwards of $1,000 to a charity of their choice.

This program allows our team the flexibility to make a difference in their own community and gives Parkland the opportunity to impact hundreds of local charities each year. 

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