Parkland's Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Parkland Fuel Corporation's Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) provides shareholders with several options to participate in the company's growth while maximizing value. In addition to the option of receiving a monthly cash dividend of $0.0883, investors who wish to reinvest their dividends in the Corporation will be able to access the following options:

Participation in the Premium Dividend™ and Dividend Reinvestment Plan is restricted to Canadian Shareholders. The complications that arise due to differences in securities regulations in foreign jurisdictions make it impractical to offer this program to investors outside of Canada.

The Premium Dividend™   Paid in cash, this provides eligible shareholders with a 2% cash premium on top of their regular cash dividend and is well suited to most income-oriented investors; or

Dividend Reinvestment  Shareholders receive a 5% discount on shares purchased through the Dividend Reinvestment Plan which is well suited to most value-oriented investors.

Those shareholders who do not elect to participate in either component of the plan will still receive their regular monthly dividend of $0.0883 per share.

Many brokers auto enroll their clients in the Premium Dividend™ program. However, shareholders who wish to enroll in the program who hold their shares through a broker are advised to contact their broker for more information.


Registered shareholders are those investors who hold actual Parkland share certificates. 

In order for registered shareholders who are currently enrolled in the Plan to continue to participate they will be required to reenroll by delivering a properly completed enrollment form to Computershare, no later than 3:00 p.m. (Calgary time) on the fifth business day preceding a dividend record date in order to participate for the corresponding dividend payment date.

Questions may be directed to Computershare by calling 1-800-564-6253.

Copies of the Plan, the Enrollment Form, and the Question and Answer document can be found in the left column.

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