Premium Dividend™ and enhanced Dividend Reinvestment Plan

In addition to the option of receiving a monthly cash dividend of $0.0883 per share, the Premium Dividend™ and enhanced Dividend Reinvestment Plan provide Canadian shareholders with the following options: 

·       The Premium Dividend™ – this provides eligible shareholders with a 2% cash premium in addition to their regular cash dividend.  Participants in this option will receive $0.0883 per share on the dividend payment date. 

·      Dividend Reinvestment – this allows shareholders to repurchase shares with their dividend at a 5% discount to the volume weighted average price as defined by the Plan.

Those shareholders who do not elect to participate in the Premium Dividend™ and enhanced Dividend Reinvestment Plan will still receive their regular monthly dividend of $0.0883 per share.  

2014 Dividend Schedule

Parkland intends to continue to pay dividends on a monthly basis of $0.0883 per share, equivalent to $1.06 per share annually.

Record Date Dividend Payment Date
22-Jan-14 0.0867 14-Feb-14
24-Feb-14 Not paid yet 14-Mar-14
21-Mar-14 Not paid yet 15-Apr-14
23-Apr-14 Not paid yet 15-May-14
23-May-14 Not paid yet 13-Jun-14
20-Jun-14 Not paid yet 15-Jul-14
22-Jul-14 Not paid yet 15-Aug-14
22-Aug-14 Not paid yet 15-Sep-14
22-Sep-14 Not paid yet 15-Oct-14
22-Oct-14 Not paid yet 14-Nov-14
21-Nov-14 Not paid yet 15-Dec-14
22-Dec-14 Not paid yet 15-Jan-15


Additional Information

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