Health, Safety and Environment

Parkland takes seriously its obligation to protect the health and safety of its employees, customers, neighbours and suppliers; and is committed to maintaining responsible environmental controls.

Handling transportation fuels, propane and other products involves environmental risk and Parkland has developed comprehensive risk mitigation programs as well as emergency response procedures. Employees involved in dangerous goods transportation receive extensive training.

Prior to acquisition, new facilities are evaluated by an independent environmental consultant, which typically involves soil testing and testing of any underground tanks and piping. Parkland has a program to replace underground steel tanks with double-walled fiberglass tanks or aboveground tanks. All remaining steel tanks in our network are cathodically protected. Each operating site has daily inventory balancing procedures and regular audit of test wells to detect underground leaks.

Parkland has a Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) department and HSE committees, which represent all areas of the business. The Committees' mandates are to ensure consistent health and safety processes and documentation throughout the organization and to make recommendations regarding procedures and training. An internal Health, Safety and Environment audit was successfully completed on our businesses in 2010 as part of a program to audit these businesses every year.

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