Community Care Matching Program

Parkland Fuel Corporation strives to be actively involved in the communities we serve through our Community Care Matching Program with our Fas Gas and Fas Gas Plus locations. Our focus is to help local charitable organizations that are dedicated to the improvement of their communities. Parkland Fuel Corporation will match our Fas Gas Plus donation dollar for dollar up to $250. Please note that in order to qualify for the Matching Program, each Charity is responsible to secure the cash support from a local Fas Gas Plus station.

Parkland Fuel Corporation may not accept all types of requests. Please review the guidelines below prior to submitting your request.

We are interested in receiving requests from Charities that meet all of the following requirements:

  • Parkland Fuel Corporation will match a local Fas Gas Plus location’s donation up to a total of $250. It is the responsibility of the Charity to secure support from the local Fas Gas Plus station prior to contact Parkland Fuel Corporation.
  • The local Fas Gas Plus must sponsor the Charity with cash. A location supporting a charity through gifts, volunteerism, and/or building advertising space cannot be considered for matching with cash by Parkland Fuel Corporation. Gifts in kind, Tuition, Dues to clubs, Membership fees, and/or Subscription fees also fall outside our cash requirements.
  • The organization requesting a sponsorship must be a Registered Charity. The following organizations are not eligible to apply for the Community Care Matching Program: Religious Groups, Individuals, Political Organizations, and/or National Organizations.
  • The Charity must support one or more of the local communities our Fas Gas or Fas Gas Plus locations serve.
  • The funds raised at the charity event must have a direct impact on the charity and in turn the local community.
  • The charity event must provide promotional opportunities that enhance our Litre Log program and drive traffic to our Fas Gas Plus locations. These may include but are not limited to Radio/ Newspapers Ads, Logo Visibility (Banners/Pamphlets/Clothing/Team Jerseys), and/or handing out Litre Logs at events.
  • Parkland Fuel Corporation will require a donation receipt and proof of performance in order to complete the cash donation.

Sponsorship requests that meet the above criteria will be accepted all year round. Parkland Fuel Corporation will not commit to multiyear Community Care sponsorships. Requests will need to be resubmitted for each event that meets the sponsorship requirements listed above. Please note that there are a limited number of requests filled each year and will be granted on a first come basis. All forms will be reviewed on a monthly basis. Due to the volume of requests submitted, it will take 4-6 weeks to process your application.

Click here to submit your community care request.

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